CALL TO ACTION: Write a Letter to the Editor

Your letters are working! It’s important to keep this issue in the public eye. We are encouraging you to continue to write letters if you have not already done so, but we are adding a new call to action for you:

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

*Teachers, your students can do this, too!

In both your letters and Letters to the Editor, the “ask” is this:

  • We want the New Jersey School of Conservation to remain open, and to continue to serve New Jersey residents as mandated by legislation passed in 1981: in perpetuity as a school for environmental field study.

Some key points:

  • The New Jersey School of Conservation belongs to all New Jersey citizens. 
  • It provides a valuable educational service, delivered in a manner offered nowhere else in the state. 
  • Its success and endurance as an institution of learning lie in its commitment to its original philosophy of education—that of discovery through field study. 
  • Learning about the outdoors at the School of Conservation is part of the collective memory of decades of New Jersey school children. 

Why write Letters to the Editor?

  • They increase awareness of an issue and keep it from disappearing from the public eye.
  • They stimulate the interest of the news media and generate more coverage.
  • They are often monitored by elected officials.
  • They are seen by a large audience (this is one of the most-read sections of the newspaper).
  • They create an impression of widespread public support for an issue.

Tips for writing your Letter to the Editor:

  • Keep it short.  300 words or even shorter. Re-read and edit to make it concise.
  • Get to the point. Focus on one main point and include it in your first paragraph.
  • Use your own words. Make a local connection or use a personal story to illustrate your point. 
  • Include a call to action. Ask readers to write to their legislators for help in keeping the School of Conservation open.
  • Email it. Send your letter in the body of an email, not as an attachment. Include your full name (and title, if relevant), address, phone number, and email address.