What School Groups Can Do to Help Save SOC

Each teacher, School Coordinator, and student who has participated in SOC programs represents a number of co-workers, colleagues, families, students, and former students. Let’s put those contacts to work!

Send a Global Message to Your School Community
Ask your district superintendent to send a global message alerting everyone to the possible loss of your school’s highly anticipated “Stokes” trip. Here is suggested content for your message.

Start a Student Letter Writing Campaign
Student letters played a big part in the letter writing campaign in 1981 that resulted in legislation to save the School of Conservation. And of course, it has educational value on a number of levels. Beth Hansen from Stone Bridge Middle School created a lesson that culminates in a student letter writing campaign: Beth’s lesson.

Sample letters, addresses, and tips for writing to your representatives

Newspaper Letters to the Editor will also be a huge help. This is another strategy we can borrow from the 1981 playbook. Here’s an example from back then:

School groups represent the largest percentage of the population served by SOC. Imagine what we can accomplish if we all work together! The Friends ofNJSOC is happy to help you compile a list of educators for networking purposes. If you would like your contact information shared with other educators, please email the following information to friendsofnjsoc@gmail.com:

Your name
email address
phone number (optional)
Position/grade level

We will compile a list to be shared within the group. Your contact information will not be shared outside of that group.

Brainstorm and Share Ideas
Keep thinking. Keep sharing. Think about contacts you have that may be helpful. Media contacts would be especially useful. Stay in contact with the Friends of NJSOC: friendsofnjsoc@gmail.com.